ESC 2014 Preview: Switzerland

Artist: Sebalter

Song: “Hunter of Stars”

I didn’t bother listening to any of the songs in the Swiss national final outside of Arxplendida’s Latin entry (which didn’t make the cut for the final in February), but when I first listened to Sebalter’s entry I was hooked. Okay, so maybe it was kind of difficult listening to the lyrics, but the tune (especially the whistling hook) was really catchy and I couldn’t stop tapping my foot. Also, judging by Sebalter’s videos of rehearsing in the dressing room and jamming at home, he definitely can sing live.

I just have one issue with the lyrics: For some reason, it sounds a bit like he learned from Željko Joksimović by cramming a bunch of syllables into one line. That feels a little weird when the song sounds more like country music than it does a Balkan ballad.

Anyways, this song is (at this moment) one of my top 5 entries, and I guarantee that the song’s going to give me a good case of happy feet during the contest.

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