ESC 2014 Preview: Iceland

Artist: Pollapönk

Song: Enga fordóma

This song reminds me of two things: a) The Wiggles (for the band’s outfits) and b) Andorra’s 2007 entry (for the Ohrwurm-y refrain). So it’s really catchy, they’re wearing colorful outfits, and I have no problem getting happy feet when listening to this. It’s also not straight-up “Eurovision formula” material, so there should be some variety in the semi-finals.

Except there’s also some angry people online: Without getting into the camp of “OMG Iceland you’re not going to qualify this year because you picked this crap instead of [insert super awesome song at NF]”, the main online concern is that no one understands the lyrics. Yes, I get that the title means “No Prejudices”, but given the feeling of the song, it’s a little hard to deliver the message to non-Icelandic speakers. Unlike Iceland’s 2013 entry, where the general meaning could be felt using a translation of the title and the tune, I can’t feel where Pollapönk talks about the theme (especially since the only word I can pick up is “algebra”). So I’ll listen to the song and dance along, but without a widely available translation I won’t pick up the theme yet.


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