ESC 2014 Preview: Latvia

Artist: Aarzemnieki

Song: “Cake to Bake” (Yes, I’m doing this review right after posting a review for the Belarusian entry)

First Impression:

So Latvia’s decided to settle down from “great things” e.g. opening the 2nd semifinal and performing the first stage dive last year, and instead they’re focusing on the little things (Like cake.)

There seem to be two opinions regarding this song in the ESC world:

“WTF Latvia, you just killed your chances of getting into the final for the 6th time in a row because you selected this crap instead of [insert super awesome song from Dziesma here]!!”

Or there’s something a lot nicer this year:

“Awwwwwwww, it’s so cute!”

I think I lean towards the latter opinion. Yes, it’s cute, but it’s not cheesy up to the point that I’m drowning in a fondue pot. If I close my eyes, I can imagine the group playing the song at a coffee shop’s Friday Open Mic Night; it’s got this happy feeling somewhere in between “My Favorite Things” and “Kedvesem” (Hungary 2013).


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