ESC 2014 Preview: Belarus

Artist: TEO

Song Title: “Cheesecake”

According to ESC fan forum comments, TEO looks a bit like a combination of Pasha Parfeny (Moldova 2012/2013) and Robin Thicke.

When I first heard this song, my initial reaction was “WTF…?” while staring at the computer screen in shock. It was pretty much a combination of lyrics I couldn’t understand, TEO’s dancing, and the three backing singers holding up signs. After registering what had happened, I couldn’t finish the song for the first week without laughing—and now the feeling is pretty similar to watching Ukraine’s 2007 entry.

The official music video was really confusing.  Where was the cheesecake? Why is there a naked woman playing accordion? And why are you kicking the camera? But I guess it worked to get a lot of views. And that (hopefully) means that the song won’t do too badly in the semi-final (??)


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