ESC 2014 Preview: Ukraine

Song Title: “Tick Tock”

Artist(s): Mariya Yaremchuk

First impression: Before listening to the song, I originally thought “Tick Tock” was going to sound something like Femke’s “Tik-Tak” due to the title. Apparently that wasn’t happening. No matter if I was in or out of a relationship, the song was pretty much drowning me in fondue; I couldn’t finish this song without feeling nauseous. Also, part of the tune in the refrain reminded me of Wrecking Ball for some reason, which didn’t help.

After being able to listen to the entire song (about a month later after the Ukrainian NF), I’m feeling a bit of a Sweden 2011 vibe. IMO the tune is really catchy, but the lyrics are really dodgy. “We belong to each other, like a sister to a brother?” If she means that nothing can destroy the relationship between two lovers, then I sort of get it, but at least one person on the internet is going to take this in the wrong way.

Then there’s the refrain, where she sings that love is not predictable like a clock. The song’s in 4/4, but something sounds a little unpredictable every time she goes “tricky, tricky, tock, tock, tock.” Every time I listen, I expect something steady, and she breaks it with the refrain. I guess it’s kind of like being grounded in 4/4 or 6/8 and then feeling your heart beat in 7/8 after falling for someone. So part of the song reminds me of every person who says, “That’s really weird, but it’s exactly what happened.”

I don’t think there’s very much to comment about for the choreography. It’s Ukraine; NTU is has around a 200% chance of making a complete revamp.

EDIT: So they did revamp the song. And I think they focused mostly on the “unpredictable.”


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