Wake-up call from SDF

I would have started this with a “Dear life, you suck,” but I guess that’s not going to get me anywhere with problems regarding uni and family. In fact, the only thing that would do is drive me back into my imaginary world. Originally I started this blog in order to talk to people about my thoughts about ESC songs, except it turned into me ranting about bad events in the past, getting distracted on the Internet, and not doing anything productive. And that’s not going to help me at all, especially since I’m a uni student. I will celebrate that I already got permission to do two Eurovision-related projects, but I still need to work on other classes and keep moving on.

Sometimes this is the only song in my playlist that gets me motivated enough to get out of my dorm room, fully wake up, and face the cold outside. Yes it’s cheesy, but it works. And it’s not dangerous like running through salted puddles below freezing point.

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