30 Days of Eurovision Challenge: Day 6- Favourite Duet

I don’t listen to these very much, so it was hard thinking of any off the top of my head. (And “Waterfall” this year wasn’t exactly in my top 10 list)

Norway 2010- OK, so in reality this isn’t a duet. But when I first heard the song, it was as if he was covering both sides of the duet, showing how it could work one-sided or two-sided. It used to also be the song I listened to if I couldn’t sleep; he would sing his one-sided duet and I would wrap myself in the warmth of the lyrics, and sometimes I would quietly sing along.

Ireland 1994- I saw a Celtic Thunder video of Ryan Kelly and Neil Byrne doing a cover of this song and suddenly thought, “OMG I actually know this song!” That was also the first time I heard the entire song, since before I had only heard a sound bite from YouTube. If it was supposed to be beautiful in its simplicity, than the composers did the job right: It’s got something that makes the song and feelings accessible to anyone who can hear it. And even if they performed this at a small coffee shop on Open Mike Night with just a guitar and the two men harmonizing, it would still work.

“My Lovely Horse”- Well they did try, right? (Unfortunately, they still need to get rid of the sax solo)


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