30 Days of Eurovision Challenge: Day 5- Favourite Male Solo Entry

Serbia 2012: Nije Ljubav Stvar- I was debating whether to use his 2004 entry or this one, but it’s the same singer. (And now I get to use Lane Moje for a different day of the 30 Day Challenge!) Željko Joksimović is probably one of my favourite ESC singers, because it’s really easy to feel the emotions in his music, often by cramming way too many syllables into one line. In this case, it’s no exception. Even though some people think it’s really formulaic (gradual buildup until hitting a climax), I love that it starts out gentle with a piano and violin and ends with a full band and backing vocals.

Yugoslavia 1983: Džuli- It’s just so happy: the backup singers are having lots of fun dancing on stage, the accordionist is smiling, and Daniel is singing an upbeat song. Even if I had no clue what the lyrics meant, I was already dancing and singing the refrain of “Džuuuuuli, Džuuuuuuli!” After looking them up, I can’t help but imagine the story being about a lifeguard on duty meeting a tourist one summer. Considering that this gets stuck in my head for a really long time after just listening to it a few times, I really hope my dorm-neighbor Julie doesn’t get sick of me playing this song…orz


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