30 Days of Eurovision: Day 3- Favourite Winner

Out of all the entries from the 30 Day Challenge, this one was/is/probably will be the easiest to write…

Norway 2009: This was the first Eurovision song that I had listened to under the context of ESC. (That means listening to “Schland O Schland”, “The Voice”, and “Waterloo” didn’t count…) The timing was also just right. I had just returned home from a 3-week summer exchange, still sad/disappointed/annoyed/[insert feelings here] that the person in German 2 that I liked quit talking to me after I told him, and I needed to let it out somehow. Through discovering Humon’s webcomic “Scandinavia and the World” on DeviantART, I managed to find the right song to tell people. A minor key set the tone, and the oom-pah baseline sounded like a beating heart. Alexander Rybak wasn’t just a singer/songwriter during those first 3 minutes; he was a storyteller helping to share my story with more than 150 million people.

Some people on YouTube still flame that he didn’t deserve all 387 points, that the song isn’t that special. I really don’t care. I’m just glad that his song helped me to gradually move on. (Apart from all the mushy ranting, it’s the song that got me obsessed with Eurovision. And because of this song, some of my favourite entries are the ones that tell stories)


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