30 Days of Eurovision: Day 2- your least favourite win

Note: Please don’t start spitting fire around just because my tastes don’t match yours

1975: The first time I heard this song, I thought, “What the **** is this?!” Not to mention, the song tended to show up as an Ohrwurm at the wrong time or place. Maybe it’s the lyrics or something that kind of creeps me out. Then again, I haven’t listen to any of the other 1975 entries yet, so maybe it’s better in comparison to other entries?

1983: For some reason, I’ve never been able to finish listening to the song since hearing a soundbite from the history of Eurovision winners. It’s probably because the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places (more up-tempo entries) sounded radio/shower/car friendly and this one sounded blander in my opinion.

2002: I can watch short clips of it, but that’s about it; I can’t listen to the song alone. Considering that this a song contest, I think that it relied a bit too much on visuals to get people’s attention. However, Latvia definitely made up for the entry with a great contest the next year.

2011: I was only happy that they won because Sweden didn’t win. And sometimes I ask myself how this song was my 8th place that year.


One comment on “30 Days of Eurovision: Day 2- your least favourite win

  1. João Teles says:

    i think ‘I Wanna’ will always be that song many people will always hate bacause of the very common lyrics and its performance, of course, but i personally enjoy it very much, maybe because i always enjoyed kinky/funny entries and also very danceable tunes, so yeah, it’s pretty much the case with ‘I Wanna’ for me. 🙂

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