30 Days of Eurovision: Day 1- your favourite contest

If this was for my favourite contests that I watched live or through live stream, then it wouldn’t be fair, because the first (and as of so far, only) contest I have ever watched on time was this year (2013). The previous two contests I couldn’t watch through live stream because a) it was AP season and I had to review for exams or b) I was at a Quiz Bowl tournament. In both cases, nobody knew about or cared for the contest (except for this one guy who couldn’t stand Jedward).

No one at home for 3.5 hours= I get to enjoy the whole thing without anyone forcing me to stare at a physics book 😀

2010 is also pretty special for me because it was the year I discovered the contest and the reason I’m obsessed. And it started all the way from listening to Germans singing “Schland, O Schland” at the World Cup to Lena winning the contest to downloading all 39 entries of 2010.

It was also kind of nice that I could *kind of* guess what the Norwegian Eurovision website was talking about after 2 years of German in high school

If it was just for the music, then some of my favourite contests would be 2003, 2009, and 2012.

And my parents still complain that I sing “Sanomi” while washing the dishes: “Why can’t you sing chem equations instead?”

Probably my favourite logo so far too.

I’m so glad my humanities teacher let me do a report on this. The only person not happy was the librarian after I accidentally printed 2 copies of my 22-page report on all 42 songs…


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