Twins in the Contest

Well…so much for that post on Loreen and Bernini. Not being able to write that coherently only gave me an excuse to leave the blogosphere for a while and start listening to the Book of Mormon (musical). Considering that I’m on a 7-day challenge to not listen to it, I might as well return.

My chem teacher used to say, “If a little is good, more is better,” especially when playing with fire in the classroom. This doesn’t always work at Eurovision (Main counterexample: Netherlands 2009 with ALL THAT PYRO), but some countries can pull it off:

Jedward (or as of July 2013, John and Edward)

“I’m John, and I’m Edward, and together we are JEDWARD!” I’m pretty sure that that catch phrase is not going to die immediately, because some people are still going to think of them as crazy paintbrushes. At least they renewed interest in the contest for Ireland, scoring 8th place after a last place (2007), two entries not qualifying (2008 and 2009), and a third last place (2010). Then they went with a more mainstream entry and scored 19th place a year later. I’m kind of glad that they didn’t try to represent Ireland a third time…


2011 must have been the year to send twins due to the 11. Slovakia sent twins Daniela and Veronika with the song “I’m Still Alive,” which didn’t qualify for the final (12th in the SF). Before 2011, they participated in 2008 as backing singers for the Czech entry “Have Some Fun.”


Until a set of twins actually wins the contest, this is probably the highest score a set of twins has actually received- 4th place, on home soil, performing a genre that doesn’t guarantee points. Not to mention it actually looked like they were having fun on stage.

Sophie and Magaly

One of Ralph Siegel and Bernd Meinuger’s earlier works, Sophie and Magaly Gilles represented Luxembourg in 1980 singing about a penguin who wanted to travel the world instead of just staying in Antarctica. Overall they scored mid-table, placing 9th out of 19 countries. Unfortunately, Siegel didn’t give them the warmest welcome into the show business world, as their contract provided them very little income. I wonder if he cared about what happened to the twins later: one died of AIDS and the other lives a secluded and depressed life.


I’m pretty sure this should still count, because two of the female singers are identical twins. However, 1+2+2 doesn’t sound as cool. Especially without the remote controlled butterfly wings.


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