So you’ve never heard of Eurovision…?

But there should be at least something you’ve heard of…

Switzerland 2013- “You and Me””>

Wait, the Salvation Army entered the Eurovision Song Contest? What?!?

Yes, the Salvation Army actually went to Eurovision, and I don’t mean that they opened a store right next to the Euro Club. Yes, they actually sang on stage. The six Salvation Army members originally won the Swiss national final by the name “Heilsarmee” (German for “Salvation Army”). However, the EBU told them to change their group name due to avoid commercial/religious promotion, so it was changed to “Takasa” (Swahili for “purified”). This only resulted in bloggers joking that the group name stood for “The Artists Known as Salvation Army”.


United Kingdom 2010- “That Sounds Good to Me”

Link: Stock Aitken Waterman, or the company that wrote “Never Gonna Give You Up” (a.k.a. the Rick Roll Song)

If you listen to this song, the entry sounds like it’s still from the 80’s. Unfortunately, Europe wasn’t in the mood to vote for something at around 25-30 years old, so Josh Dubovie placed last (and was then put on BBC’s “Most Annoying People of 2010).


Sweden 1974- “Waterloo”

Link: I don’t really know if I need one, but here’s another song in case you’ve never heard of ABBA

Before I started listening to Eurovision music, the only place I saw the word “Eurovision” was in the sleeve of my parents’ ABBA CD. And yes, winning Eurovision was their kick-start in becoming world-wide superstars in the 70’s and 80’s. Even though at the time, most songs were sung in countries’ native languages, there was a short window to enter songs in any language. ABBA took advantage of the offer, translated their song into English, won, and now it’s known all over the world.

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